Provisionning to the public

The 530 varieties of the National Collection of maize are available free of charge to the public. One can obtain samples of 100 kernels of each of up to 30 varieties each year.

Among the 530 varieties of the National Collection, 264 are French landraces (see the list and pictures on this site). The others are inbred lines, synthetics or varieties from French overseas countries and are most likely to interest professional breeders.  To obtain seeds of these varieties you may order them on line on the Siregal site here below:

  • Fill your « basket » and follow the instructions. A confirmation of your order will be sent to you immediately by email.
  • You will then receive by post mail the document « Standard Material Transfer Agreement » or sMTA, compulsory at the international level for any transfer of genetic resources under the ITPGRFA. See the document sMTA french zea 3013...
  • Complete the Material Transfer Agreement, sign, and send it back to the indicated address to and then you will receive the ordered seeds.
  • Seeds are free, but the corn network reserves its right to invoice any large order shipment. in case of a large order.

Note: for Pro-Maïs members who have access to the whole Network Collection (national collection of genetic resources of French origin available to public and all foreign resources maintained in France) the database Siregal does not include at this time the foreign resources.

Therefore, they must access those resources by using the old database « Multicrop » which will ask them their login and password to access the complete collection.

To those who want to access the genetic database Thalia, they also need a login and a password is required.

To those who are  interested with REGEN88 database (see research projects INRA-Pro-Maïs), access is free.


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animatrice du réseau

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